Words from the East, West & South

Greetings from the West - September 2022

Recently, I was speaking with some brothers and through our casual conversation, I asked, “how did your masonic journey begin and why did you want to join Masonry?”  Self-improvement and brotherhood were the common themes among the responses.  I kept my response to myself, but I offer it up now: I originally joined masonry because my grandfather, great-grandfather, and a few uncles/great-uncles were Masons and I wanted to connect to them somehow.  Now, I am working on the self-improvement bit…As we all should!


I see fear in decisions being made around me at the current moment, and this is the last emotion to base a decision on.  Remember that we all joined Masonry to be part of something bigger than ourselves; rely on it now.


Sincerely & Fraternally,


Marc Davis

Senior Warden

A Look from the West - September 2022


If you had wandered by Colonial Prospect Lodge No. 24 in Chester on any of several recent Monday nights, you would have seen what might seem like a curious sight during a couple of months when we have supposedly gone “dark”:  the lights were on and there was work being done.  Well, I guess some would call it “work.”  But I don’t think anyone there would.  We have preparing for a joint degree that will be taking place in a couple of weeks, at which time we will raise several of our Brethren to the sublime degree of Master Mason.  Far from “work,” it has been a labor of pure Brotherly Love. 


While preparing to raise these well-deserving Brethren has been a good part of that joy, I think another significant reason is the joy of working with so many Brethren from across the District to make the upcoming degree a success.  Newer Brethren, more “experienced” Brethren, from Lodges across the District, Brethren I frequently don’t get to see nearly as much as I’d like to (darn that cable tow!).  And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has felt that way.


Significant events like a Master Mason degree involve a lot of different people.  They bring a lot of Brethren together, in more ways than one.  Physically, yes, but in a much more powerful way than that.  We also get to know each other a lot better, our strengths and areas in which we could use some help, and more about each other as people.  We use our strengths to help others for whom that is not one, and they do the same for us.  And in our own ways, we are making each other not only better at Masonic work but also better as men.  Making good men better – sound familiar?  Not only is it Masonic work, it is Masonry at work.


Another week, another step in our mutual search for Light.  So mote it be.




Alex Gillespie

Junior Warden





A Report of the Trustees - September 2022



This summer we have continued our ongoing projects on our building, we have additionally:


  • Completed weeding and added weed block and decorative plantings in front of the Lodge.

  • Continued the improvements in the kitchen


Projects both large and small will be continuing through this upcoming month and on into the summer months when we will be dark. Thank you to all that are helping with these projects and remember we can always use additional help from the brethren.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Sincerely & Fraternally

Brian K. Mandel, JGD

Building Trustee, Chairman