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Words from the East, West & South

A Look from the East - March 2023 


I am reminded that as Masons we always strive to become better men, which is not always an easy task. “By the Rough Ashlar we are reminded of our rude and imperfect state by nature…”  If our natural state is imperfect, how do we become perfect beings, knowing that we can never reach the Perfect Ashlar?  We are taught that to reach “…that state of perfection…[we need a] virtuous education, our own endeavors, and the blessing of Deity.”  I believe this extends further.  All of the individuals that we meet throughout our lives have something to teach us, whether positive or negative.  We must constantly learn from all of our interactions, failures and triumphs.

            As brothers we swore oaths and obligations to keep each other in check and to make sure “…he is never to suffer his passions to betray him…[and] while a Mason keeps himself circumscribed within these bounds it is impossible that he should materially err.”

            We need to find balance each day in all of our endeavors, personally as well as professionally, so that we can move closer to the Perfect Ashlar.


Fraternally yours,


Marc Davis, WM


Master’s Corner:


My Brothers,

There are number of events in March and April that may interest you, please read the Trestleboard carefully as to not miss important and interesting meetings/events.  On February 11th we held our first major event, our Valentine’s Dance at St. Peter’s Church, and it went off with a blast!  There were over 100 people in attendance not including the band. 

Feel free to contact me at any time on my cell phone (973) 479-8274 or by my email at

Please keep the canned goods and non-perishable items coming.  We are making real progress on the donations to the food kitchen in Morristown.

A Word from the West - March 2023



When I drive home after Lodge Meetings or Rehearsals, I always go past Washington’s Headquarter. My message from the West is simply a reminder of a great Mason.

The American Revolution (1775-1783) brought forth many great men of courage who led us away from tyranny and oppression. We think especially of Brother George Washington, the Father of our country and revered Mason. He practiced operative masonry by using the working tools as a surveyor, and also as a speculative mason, adhering to and practicing the tenets of our order.

He had faith in our Almighty Grand Master, worshiped in Church, when possible, and read the Bible. Brother Washington gave up a good life as a gentleman and wealthy landowner to serve our country. He led a group of untrained patriots against the most powerful army in the world and, miraculously, he led us to victory with an unfaltering faith in God and a belief in the cause. Shortly thereafter, as we know, he became our first President.

Brother Washington practiced Faith. Hope and Charity and was a truly amazing Brother!

Fraternally yours,


Ted Parry, SW


A Report of the Trustees - March 2023



Your Trustee committee is continuing to restore Cincinnati Lodge to its Beauty and Glamour


  • Updating the Kitchen

  • Begun initial phase of Ladies bathroom upgrade



A Huge Thank You to all who help in construction, cleaning and upkeep this year!   We have taken great strides to improve our venerable Lodge and make it the showplace it has always been in the past!   And a Thank You to all that are helping with these projects and remember we can always use additional help from the brethren.   There continues to be SO much work to keep our Lodge beautiful!


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Sincerely & Fraternally

Brian K. Mandel, AGM

Building Trustee, Chairman

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