Words from the East, West & South

Master's Message -  April  2022

A View from the East

My Brother,


Thank you to all the Brethren who came to show support for our new fellowcraft Masons and Cincinnati Lodge recently. I'm overwhelmed with the support we've received from around the district to help our new brothers further their masonic careers. While I'm only able to attend Lodge at a distance due to my new role as a Father lately I'm excited to hear and see reports of chairs filling up and Brethren enjoying fellowship at our lodge in increasing numbers. I'm eager to revisit the Oriental chair but as of now the high chair is where I must be!   


As our lodge continues to welcome new Brethren I found the section that speaks to the Fellow Craft degree relevant.


“In the Fellowcraft Degree, the candidate symbolically negotiates a winding stairway consisting of three, five, and seven steps. Why a winding stair? Why not a straight staircase? Perhaps a winding stair can be a metaphor for human life. We can’t see very much of what lies ahead. Just as things gradually revealed to us in life, so are the lessons of the degree incrementally revealed to the candidate. As he moves up the stairs his attention is called to the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences. Curiously, there is little explanation in the ritual regarding six of these seven subjects and no effort to bring their significance to the candidate.”


The candidate is charged with “The study of the liberal arts, that valuable branch of education, which tends so effectually to polish and adorn the mind, is earnestly recommended to your consideration.”


With so many resources to further educate ourselves how does this charge fit into the working tools of the Entered Apprentice? What liberal arts and science are you most exposed to in the 8 hours of your usual vocations?


Sincerely & Fraternally,


Ian D. Barber, PM

Worshipful Master



Greetings from the West


My Brothers,


May is always a time in my mind when summer actually begins.  I know that technically speaking that Summer begins June 21, 2022.  However, we usually have many Memorial Day celebrations, essentially paving the way for more throughout the summertime.


As we throw our backyard BBQ’s for family and friends, colleges have their graduations and public schools begin to wind down; we mustn’t forget the true nature of Memorial Day is to commemorate soldiers who gave the ultimate price for our freedoms, their lives.


It is unfortunate that sometimes we take these freedoms for granted.  I know that sometimes I do when my family and I travel for vacation, trek down to Jersey shore or sit in our backyard enjoying a BBQ.


I guess the point is we should all strive to enjoy our time together, while we aspire to be the best versions of ourselves, not dwell on the past or what we cannot change and focus on what we can.


Lastly, I would like to reiterate that you should attend Lodge meetings to take part in the excitement.  There is so much going on.


Sincerely & Fraternally


Marc I. Davis, PM

Senior Warden



A look from the South


"So I hear you're a traveling man." Those are always great words for a Brother to hear.  What has overjoyed me even more in recent months is the tremendous celebration of fraternal Brotherhood we have experienced because Brethren are actually TRAVELING, and in such great numbers.  Brethren from other Lodge traveling to our Lodge, and Brethren from our Lodge traveling to other Lodges.  The renewal of those fraternal bonds that were stretched for so long has been incredibly heartwarming.  Whether taking part in a degree at another Lodge in the District or simply sitting on the sidelines lending our support, all of the Lodges in the District know we are one in our search for more Light.  The bonds of Freemasonry have never been stronger than they are today.


Amen to that, Brethren. So mote it be.


Alex Gillespie, PM

Junior Warden



Report of the Trustees




We are continuing with reviewing and adjusting plans for the upcoming renovations of our collation room and ladies bathroom.


As spring is close to being sprung, we are finalizing our plans for this years' landscaping projects.   Anyone eager to hep mow, edge and weed, for the next 6 months, please be sure to let us know!


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Sincerely & Fraternally

Brian K. Mandel, JGD

Building Trustee, Chairman